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Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 5:00pm EST
of the trade? or lack of trade? ukraine, russia, the u.s. and the european union on this inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. in the bad 'ol days of the soviet union the country was known for the shoddiness of its manufactured goods. nobody wanted the second rate autos, appliances, ball point pens, shoes, but now the ussr is stuffed with things the world does want, aluminum, copper, natural gas. columnist tom friedman said president vladimir putin has turned his country into a mafi mafia-run petrol state. putin has made his country steadily relianc reliant on natl resources than human ones. why is that important to you? russian has decided to pick a fight with ukraine and supporters around the world, and how those supporters express their displeasure may effect russian economy with risks to its neighbors. >> reporter: global powers to the east and west discuss ways to prevent escalation after the weekend takeover. pro russian troops have taken over and russia said it's not their military. in paris u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with russian foreign ministers sergei lavrov in a sessio
Mar 2, 2014 4:00am PST
is calling russia's latest moves in ukraine. the stern talk between president obama and putin -- it's a potential collision course. but what options does the white house really have here? >>> out of control. take a look at that this. a truck crashes through a grocery store and mows down customers trying to dive out of the way. how it happened and who was behind the wheel. >>> and it's "gma"'s ultimate oscar party. er with the on the red carpet, it's the biggest hollywood night of the year. the awards before the awards, a predictor? and our expert makes his picks as the stars deliver this message -- >> good morning, america. >>> good morning, everybody, on this oscar sunday and we have a "gma" pre-show blowout for you as the countdown to hollywood's biggest night. >> behind the scenes, and the star presenters are showing up dressed down, going over their lines and try to get used to the oscar stage. it's a bit intimidating. >> oh, man, billions of people watch. i'm not good at math. >> give or take. >> nerve-wracking. these are the envelopes. is it envelopes or envelope? >> either/or
Mar 3, 2014 2:00am PST
, ukraine on the brink. russian troops moving into the country while the rest of the world chooses sides. the new steps the u.s. is taking this morning and the key ally russia may have picked up overnight. >>> right now, brutal winter storm pummeling the east. millions waking up to snow and ice, being warned, stay off the roads. schools and offices shut down, thousands of flights already grounded this morning. our indra petersons is live tracking this latest winter storm for us. >>> and while you were sleeping, it ended, just minutes ago. hollywood honoring its best at the academy awards. we'll have the show-stopping moments and all the historic wins. good morning, everyone. a lot going on this morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's monday, march 3rd. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> let's begin with breaking news, the crisis in ukraine escalating by the hour. u.s. officials confirming russian forces have seized complete operational control of the crimean peninsula. ukraine's new government putting its own military on high alert, charging russia
Mar 4, 2014 4:00pm PST
will he will decide to move more troops into crimea or ukraine. another huge day of fast moving developments in the crisis. all eyes on what the russian president is going to do. tensions rose today. russia fired that icbm. the launch happened just a couple hours ago. u.s. officials say they were aware it was going to happen. the missile test still rattled nerves though as russian president vladimir putin left the door open to using military force in ukraine. the delicate situation summed up by a face-off between u rainian and russian soldiers outs an air base. it was caught on camera as russian troops fire their weapons into the air. >>> kind of amazing it when you see that, it makes constitution realize how real it is. u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in kiev today. he slammed vladimir putin for saying his government is trying to protect ethnic russians in crimea. >> they would have you believe that ethnic russians and russian bases are threatened. they'd have you believe that kiev is trying to destabilize crimea or that russian actions are legal or legitimate because cr
Mar 1, 2014 5:00pm PST
the use of magic forces in ukraine following a request by president clinton and an appeal for help from authorities in crimea. due to the brink else is running in and the few cities against the current government in kiev shopping for russian slogans and trying to protect their land from nationalist groups. the leader of the graceful right call for international terrorists the komodo members of the terror attacks across russia to step up attacks against malta the federation council was to recall its ambassador to the us off the words from president obama the new. most of it. it is on international duty twenty four ounce a day until we continued our breaking news and that is that russia's upper house of parliament has voted unanimously to approve the deployment of un forces in ukraine until the situation stabilizes winters and hot all speak so that is to support them because of the extraordinary situation in ukraine which represents a threat to the lines of russian citizens our compatriots and a contingent of russian armed forces that kate is in the autonomous republic of crimea. accordin
Mar 3, 2014 7:00pm PST
response can we expect. falling on a response what's the outlook for crimea for ukraine the rest of russia's neighbors today in the falls and get to the puts and makes his move in with the cia to talk about it here on this awesome kit today. our phones and gets douglas herbert has been reporting live from the crimean peninsula. he joins us from their record fall to exact a director of the mccain institute for international leadership and former united states ambassador to nato and enjoyed our meal my mom senators senator here in paris for the ump party representing the french abroad. also with us silverstein of bowling. you can read. once a fortnight in the international york times are calm and adjourned dimitri minute london bureau chief of the voice of russia were also pleased to join mr di marco. deputy chair of the russian forum on international affairs former member of the tomb of the false identity we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter hatch act s two for debate. um. i want to begin with you. does this hard because the situation has been evolving i guess you can see b
FOX News
Mar 3, 2014 11:00pm PST
to surrender or face putin's russian military storm. russia is denying it issued the ultimatum to ukraine. growing. grips on ukraine is growing and today president obama warning the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic options to isolate russia. very latest "time" magazine reporter live in crimea. he reports we are at a decisive moment. simon, tell me what's going on now. >> well, now the situation is quite tense. everybody is waiting for this ultimatum to run out in a few hours. and then, you know, it is possible that russia will begin a full on assault on these places that have been surrounded by russian troops for a tuesdays. >> the russians have claimed that they didn't issue an ultimatum. do you have any information to support that denial or can you disprove that? >> no, we can't disprove that. and there had been previous ultimatums and nothing happened. so the russian defense ministry said it didn't issue such an ultimatum, but the ukrainian defense forces said that they definitely received it. and journalists did report witnessing that ultimatum being handed to them. so, it'
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 12:00pm EST
. ♪ >>> ukraine has ordered full military mobilization in response to russian moved on the crimean peninsula. the acting president says the country is on the brink of disaster. they are calling up every single military preservist and russian troops have surrounded a military base in crimea. the minister calling it a declaration of war. second john kerry says the g8 countries including the u.s. are all prepared to diplomatically isolate rush a nato is meet to go discuss a response. jennifer, i remember you in a pretty tense stands off earlier this morning when we spoke. is there any progress being made so far to reduce those tensions? >> reporter: morgan that standoff continues at that military base. about 20 mints fro 20 minutes f. it's a base that's an armory, it has a lot of weapons and ammunition and lots of armored vehicles early this morning the russians went in and talked to the ukrainian commander to their layer arms down and turn everything over and let the russians secure the base he declined and hundreds of forces came in and surrounded the base, it was tense. the two commander met
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 2:00pm EST
. and here are the stories we are following for you right now. ukraine accuses their navel chief of treason as he swears allegiance to a russian-backed leader the ukrainian government beefs up its military in response to russian moves in crimea. >> it's really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. >> this cannot be the way to conduct international fairs. >> and on to the red carpet we give you a sneak peek at the preparations being made ahead of tonight's academy awards. ♪ ♪ >>> ukraine has ordered full military mobilization in response to russian moves on the southern region of crimea. the acting president says that the country is now on the brink of disaster. and is calling up every single military reservist. russian troops have surrounded the ukrainian military base and askeand -- an act that the ukran prime minister calls a declaration of war. the head of the navy has been fired for treason. lawrence lee has this report. >> reporter: this appears to be perhaps the one place ukraine's forces in crimea are putting up any resistence, behind these walls is a ukrainian special forc
Mar 1, 2014 2:30pm PST
start with the major developments unfolding in the ukraine. russia's parliament has approved to sendt by putin troops to the region. he has not decided how he will use the force. he is waiting to see how the situation in the crimean principal develops. he wants russia out of his country. the armed troops have taken control of the peninsula. we will go live to moscow and the crimea after this report. >> these heavily armed military units have surrounded the airport. insigniasrs where no and refuse to say who is giving them orders. the ukrainian government has no doubt. insays russia has sent thousands of troops. the new government in kiev called it an invasion. >> they are on the territory of crimea. it is nothing but a provocation. russia intends to draw ukraine into military conflict. kiev this cabinet in is more than a power struggle with moscow. they have taken a pro-russian stance. the new prime minister of the autonomous region has taken command of security forces to move forward with a referendum on crimea's future. >> i ask russian president vladimir putin to offer help in prov
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 11:00pm EST
. russian flag is now flying over crimea in the ukraine. >> west and nato now consider their next possible steps. >>> keeping up the pressure in venezuela, thousands return to the streets protesting the governments. >>> mardi gras or carnival. revelers around the world celebrate the lead up to lent. >>> a lot has changed this weekend in ukraine. russia now controls part of that country and pressure is growing across the world. the american secretary of state will meet with ukraine's leaders in kiev on tuesday. also the british prime minister pressured trowz pul russia to p. russia's invasion is not just a threat but a declaration of war. also the head of ukraine's navy was fired for treason today after he swore allegiance to pro-russian leaders. our teams are in kiev and the regional capital of crimea, sim verm. simferopol. jennifer glasse is there. >> stability to crimea, what that means he doesn't know. he refused to give up. then more russians arrived, truckloads of them. the colonel watches and tells someone, they're here. the ukrainians move an armed vehicle to their gate. but there w
Al Jazeera America
Mar 4, 2014 12:00am EST
. >> president obama's critical diplomacy as the divide deanens. dean -- deepens. and ukraine now faces a nation divided. >>> and good evening, thanks for being with us. i'm joie chen. welcome to special edition of "americ ofment "america tonight" poising a major test between the world's western powers and russia. and is rapidly becoming the most urgent international challenge faced by president obama. first, a snapshot of the latest developments. an estimated 6,000 russian troops are now in crimea. though the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. chaims that number is -- claims that number is much higher, perhaps 16,000. jeact john kerry is i -- secretary of state john kerry is in kiev. when it was reported that russia had issued an ultimatum, although russia denied making a threats. today president obama said russia's violation of international law will be in his words a costly proposition. >>> the tensions over crimea drew gractly over the weekend as a steady stream of forces, pressure is growing across ukraine with al jazeera's journalists covering key developments. >> ukrainians are preparing th
Mar 3, 2014 5:00pm PST
condition. reporting live from newark, len ramirez, kpix5. >>> now, to the crisis in ukraine. russia has issued new ultimate tips as it adds -- ultimatum as it adds to suggestions from crimea. they are calling for a national unity deal. it is also demanding that the crew of two ukraineia next warships surrender. but ukraine's active president says they are ready to defend themselves. charlie tagart tells us ukraine is not backing down. >> reporter: they are trying to determine what, if anything can be done about russia's military intervention in crimea and further activity along ukraine's eastern board. ukraine board guards have recorded seeing build up of forces along that board. ukraine prime minister says his country is on the brink of discasese sass they are. they have put their military on high alert. 130,000 active soldiers. but hundreds of thousands of reservist telling them to get ready to fight. >> charlie d'agart tonight. >>> president obama says russia is on the wrong side of history. he said today any russian threat to ukraine's navy would be a dangerous escalation of an alre
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 8:00pm EST
>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm not jonathan betz in new york. a crisis in ukraine, continued coverage. a country on the bridge of war with russia. >> al jazeera america's reporters are across the globe. we'll go to moscow, kiev, united nation, new york city and washington d.c. the world is watching. so are we. al jazeera america starts right now. >> here is the latest on the saturday night. ukraine put armed forces on high alert but said it will not be provoked into a conflict. russia is in control of the southern region of the crimea. uniformed armed men have been patrolling for days. in some areas demonstrators took to the streets showing support for russia. the russian parliament approved vladimir putin's request for military force inside ukraine. the u.n. security council called a special meeting. the united states wants the u.n. to deploy observers. president obama had a long phone call with vladimir putin, calling on the russian president to withdraw all soldiers from ukraine and deal with the situation peacefully. we'll start with phil ittner in moscow. he covers all d
Mar 2, 2014 8:00am PST
. "reliable sources" will begin right after this check of the headlines. ukraine's prime minister said today that the country is on the brink of disaster. he said russia's latest military moves amount to a declaration of war and he called it a red alert. ukraine officials say russian troops have taken up posts at bases in crimea, a heavily russian region of ukraine. ukraine's military is now getting ready. the country's defense minister says they do not stand a chance against russian troops. moments ago on cnn, ukraine's opposition leader, vitali klitschko issued this stern warning to russia. >> the main point right now the russians have to take away the rush yap forces from crimea. it's the main point. crimea is ukraine territory. we talk independence of ukraine. it's all military forces have to remove from ukrainen territory. >> and now these very strong words as well from u.s. secretary of state john kerry. he's calling it an invasion, quote, it is an incredible act of aggression, really a stunning willful choice by president putin to invade another country. russia is in violation of the
Mar 3, 2014 1:00pm EST
in ukraine. lots of headlines breaking in just the past hour. it is obviously a very fluid and increasingly tense situation. we will take you live to kiev. secretary of state john kerry is heading to ukraine. he will be there tomorrow. but the big question is, what can the u.s. do, if anything? investors aren't waiting for the answer. they are selling big-time. stocks plunging around the world as worst day in a month for the dow. the dow with huge triple digit declines of nearly 200 points, better than 1% decline. now, warren buffett says that if others are selling, he's buying stocks today. what is the oracle eyeing right now? he spoke with becky quick. we'll find out this hour. stocks, of course, tanking today but over the past 20 years, equities have had some of their biggest gains right now in march and april. so if you can play past the world events is there a buying opportunity? we'll find out but first let's check in with sue at the nyse. >> you might have to have a strong stomach to buy today because stocks around the world tanking on those fears about russia's moves into ukraine. t
Mar 5, 2014 3:00am EST
the rights of russian speaking populations within ukraine, and make clear that to russia, the strengthening ties between ukraine and the european union should not be seen as some game that will prejudice its own bilateral relations. ick response and contribute to the escalation of the crisis. >> hello, mr. speaker. arrays -- arise for all the poetic measures to be used. that is absolutely what we are doing and indeed, i think from agreementery strong of the gravity of the threats and the principles that should guide us in responding to it. ofspoke about the violation ukraine's independence and sovereignty. he commended the u.n. -- the ukrainian government for its restraint and urged them to continue with that and to continue to do everything they can to show they are being inclusive within ukraine, that there is no threat to you russian -- to russians. i put it to them yesterday that they could have additional changes to language laws. towould give extra assurance the acting president not to that infringe in any way on the russian language to go ahead. the -- whetherr i thought the imf woul
Mar 3, 2014 4:00am EST
the globe. >>> well, the crisis in the ukraine and russia's involvement, the total dominating factor for markets this morning. you can see in the last few minutes, stronger pmi from germany and from france. but the market is still in negative territory this morning. let me give you a look at how the individual markets are performing this morning. the german markets down now around 2%. they were down around 2.5% earlier, but stronger than expected pmi numbers coming out. the french market down 1.5%. let me give you a look at what's going on in the foreign exchange and the commodities markets. euro/dollar lower by around 0.2%. the yen and the swiss this morning taking dollar/yen down by 0.4%. gold higher. key concerns of supply concerns of energy based on the idea that we could see sanctions on russia. obviously, we're waiting today for further news on just what action the west is going to take. but right now, we're seeing brent and u.s. crude higher in trade this morning. the dow is down around 0.8%. we've got dollar/ruble trading at five-year highs. i mentioned those actionses and th
Mar 1, 2014 11:00pm PST
for your neighborhood on >>> a developing story, the crisis in ukraine is now becoming a full blown international affair, the russian parliament sent troops into ukraine less than 600 miles from where the olympics were just held. the situation in ukraine is called extraordinary with russian lives in threat. the active president has armed forces on alert. many are hoping to cut ties with ukraine. the un secretary general says he earned them. >> it is crucial to have cool heads must prevail. and we must end this crisis. >> earlier today president barack obama spoke with president putin for 90 minutes warning him if he continues to violate international law there will be criminal and economic fall out. >>> we have reaction from protester who's gather outside the russian consul at in san francisco. >> protefltsters who oppose the russian military intervention gathered around to sing international songs to show support for their friends on the other side of the globe. >> if you ride the history of ukraine for ten minutes you would understand the pain of all these people. ukr
Mar 1, 2014 4:00pm EST
.n security council meeting on the issue of the ukraine. >> [speaking french] [speaking french]. >> madam president, members of the security council, since the briefing yesterday by assistant secretary to this council, there have been reports of continued serious developments in ukraine. in crimea, key sites such as airports, communications and public buildings including the regional parliament reportedly continue to be blocked by unidentified armed men. there are further reports of armed personnel taking control of regional administration buildings in several cities south of the ukraine. the new prime minister today released a statement appealing to president vladimir putin to provide assistance for the autonomous republic of crimea. in the same statement he announced she taking control of security in crimea and i quote, on a temporary basis. he told all security personnel to declare allegiance to him rather than the authorities of kiev. following the reported deployment of additional russian troops and armored vehicles to c ri mea, the russian federations approved a request of president
Feb 28, 2014 5:30pm PST
in ukraine >> pelley: as russian troops land in ukraine, the world waits to see if it's a military invasion. reports from david martin at the pentagon and clarissa ward in ukraine. a major winter storm brings flooding to the west coast, and the system will soon sweep across the country. reports from ben tracy and elaine quijano. jerry brown first ran for president in the 70s. is he ready to run again in his 70s? what's the difference between governor brown '75 and governor brown 2014? >> pelley: and steve hartman on the road. a little boy finds a small fortune and gives a stranger something priceless. >> i look at it every day. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting from los angeles. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. at this hour is appears russian militaries forces are crossing the border into ukraine. in a region of ukraine known as crimea. late today, president obama went on national television to warn russia against a military intervention. ukraine has been reeling since last week when a popular revolt led the president
Mar 5, 2014 5:00am PST
of state joe carried a pressing need is to sponsor a good approach. he talks of a crisis in ukraine the rounded adults to read during the ukrainian forces continue to hold outs and the deceased crimea. or does apply but if people tried to any breach in its border with moral code. amid warnings that many will be overweight this crisis in crime is sin is a war of words rages. here is a two state owned carriers in frocks ahead of a dentist takes me to his russian counterpart sergei lavrov but now the countries surveyed both the palms of recent events in ukraine and health at stores open. words of rock above all just rhetoric saying that there's a strong belief the russian action is punishing is central to her message. we are preparing to work with anybody. if they're genuine interest to ensure that ukraine on. is able to govern itself. as i indicated before and something that i think it's not been emphasized enough. they are currently scheduled to have elections in may. the actions are aimed a car or fall. president putin says moscow will not recognize its peak in this first set of eye
Mar 4, 2014 6:00am EST
expected this morning. all eyes will be on the ukraine. >> we have earnings as well, though we? >> before the bell, radioshack, a fascinating company. >> three decade train wreck? >> they made a big bet on low-cost cell phones and they have really screwed it up. >> they made a big bet 30 years ago and it really has not paid off. >> we also have american apparel and smith & wesson. the 2015 budget this morning. mardi gras today. >> the president will be a mardi gras? [laughter] >> i expect to have a band coming through at any minute now. let's do a data check. look at stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities. the headlines overnight. russia backs off a little. we will go to president putin here in a moment. futures are up 20. the euro really does not turn much. -- churn much. nymex crude celebrates. yen weaker. 13. futures are down brent crude follows nymex. the papers and the website this morning. here is our front page with scarlet fu. >> ukraine. speaking right now. he says there is no need to send troops to ukraine yet. he says that yanukovych is ukraine's legitimate president. g8 doesn
Al Jazeera America
Mar 3, 2014 8:00pm EST
, everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. ukraine crisis, on the brink, an escalation of russian troop, the growing war of worlds. >> russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> the u.s. puts more pressure on russia. >>> economic concerns worldwide. >>> more turmoil in venezuela, a jailed opposition leader calls for new demonstrations. >>> and no compromise, israel's prime minister says he won't be pressured into a peace plan with the palestinians. ♪ >>> we begin tonight in ukraine where there are new developments in that country's stand oif with russia. thousands of troops pouring into the southern crimea region according to crimea officials who say they have been given a deadline by the russians to lay down their arms or face a full-scale attack. also the crisis is the focus of an ur -- urgent national security meeting at the white house. >> that meeting has now broken up. the administration, president obama had been scrambling to react to this active aggression by vladimir putin and russia. late friday evening the president appeared at this p
Comedy Central
Mar 3, 2014 9:30am PST
're just beginning. then is it ukraine or the ukraine. i'll get to the the bottom of it. and my guest ledge enary singer darlene love stars in a documentary called 20 feet from stardom, tonight she'll be 16 feet closer. major league baseball he is eliminating home plate collisions. apparently they violate baseball's long-standing ban on action. this is the colbert report captioning sponsored by comedy central welcome to the report o everybody, good to you haves with. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> welcome to the report, everybody. folks, if you have been watching the news like i v you know there is a big story this weekend. thank you so much, folks. folks, the winter olympics are finally over. they've handed out all the metals and all the whips. and the athletes are now leaving town before vladimir putin uses the olympic flame to burn down sochi for the insurance money. unfortunately, my friends on the u.s. speed skating team 2014 has been a rocky road or as they call it, an unzambonied rink. they medaled in only one event and the team is covering their asses by
Feb 28, 2014 5:00am PST
you knew you . the ukraine to the old system of dictation us russian forces reportedly take control of two airports in arabia protests continue in the venezuelan capital of the stars of the week long carnival holiday pfft. german chancellor offers to find solutions to address its concerns about the european union. i think. ukraine's interior minister claims russian forces have now taken control of two appleton arabia. eyewitnesses of the regional center of sucre polled say the group was stressed that cinco the biggest those who sees the call of the team would be a guest today. what a beautiful day and explain to you and use what he was the view. we say to you when people write me a top step that will stay here for a long long period of time it's a place called sunday for rushing to hospital. also the ukrainians job of the are not able to carry piece. it was the last. the spokesman said the attack has occurred to me about the bad times apologize. actually all the words of the vitriol cold in the pool to suppress the poll was seized and the reports of anti corruption bill crushes do w
Al Jazeera America
Feb 28, 2014 10:00am EST
the ukraine under the immediate threat to my life and the life of my family. >> ukraine's ousted president says he's still the country's legitimate leader. >> armed men supporting russia take over the airports in the crimean capitol as the ukraine asks the u.n. to intervene. >> in london, more reaction on those fast moving developments in ukraine. viktor yanukovych insists he's in charge. we'll have analysis on who is running the country and the money leaving from it. >> also ahead, the french president arrives in central african republic where his military operations are expanding. >> building a toy dynasty one little plastic brick at a time. ♪ >> hello, so the struggle for ukraine's future has taken on several twists in the last few hours. let's take you through them all. speaking from southern russia, viktor yanukovych said he's still the legitimate leader of ukraine and called the protestors who overthrew him fascists, meanwhile inside ukraine, armed men apparently aligned to russia have taken control of the international airport in the crimean region. crimea's parliament, a new gove
Mar 2, 2014 7:00am PST
forecast. we'll let you know when and where to expect the showers. >>> plus the crisis in ukraine. the international community on alert after russian troops invade the country. how people here in the bay area are reacting to this developing story. this is "today in the bay." >>> and we are looking live at a pretty picture from emeryville. lots of gray there in the distance. the clouds squishing down low. still a little moisture coming out of those as well. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. yesterday, rob, we got a little showers and really gusty winds in the south bay. >> yeah, not as windy but still have some moisture left over. good enough for light rain and showers at times this morning in the south bay and we're seeing a little of that spilling over from the santa cruz mountains. into san jose, a few sprinkles around downtown and this will be the trend for the first half of the day. we'll continue to see showers dropping in off the hilltops spilling from south to north across the bay area. the moisture from yesterday's system is being
FOX News
Mar 3, 2014 12:00pm PST
the entire situation in ukraine, coming at russia denied it's made a grand ultimate actual, and also the west tries to figure out how to get moscow to back down. >> a full-fledged war in the heart of europe. >> today we're live at the united nations texas white house, at the pentagon, and on the ground in kiev, as the world waits to see what is next. it's breaking news. >> good monday afternoon to you and yours from the fox news deck. another escalation in the frightening war of words and the threat of war overseas. russia is now officially denying claims that it gave the ukraine ians a deadline to surrender. it's not clear whether the deadline was bogus or russia backed down, fearing a backlash. at any rate, what is becoming clearer is russia's president, putin but, is now standing quite firm, ignoring warnings from the world and the u.s. specifically to keep its hands off ukraineed. video shows russian troops surrounding cities. and row, navy ships are blocking ukraine warships and russia has taken control of the region, seizing airports and government buildings, all without firing a single
Feb 28, 2014 6:00pm PST
in the white house briefing room this afternoon whereupon he talked about ukraine. it's not the cold war anymore but any time a u.s. president steps up to tell russia to back off the way the president today, you can be forgiven for feeling a little bit of chilled wind in the air. >> the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. russia has an historic relationship with ukraine, including cultural and economic ties. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws. and just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any milit
Mar 4, 2014 9:00am PST
. >>> describing ukraine's political crisis as a result of a constitutional coup. >>> the president was also asked about putin's statements and said this. >> there is a strong believe that russia aegs action is violating international law. >> andrea mitchell joins me by phone in kiev with the secretary of state. andrea, thank you. you just saw the press conference. what is kerry attempting to do today in this crisis? >> he's attempting to shore off the ukrainian people to tell their interim leaders they can pull this together and resist pressure on in terms of rising energy prices and also the threat of military force, that they can resist pressure from vladimir putin. he was strikingly passion nal having had the moving experience of walking by the square where the resistance took place, seeing the barricade still there, seeing the tires and barbed wire and flower for the martl mart martyrs, the heavenly hundred, all men and one woman who died in the sniper fire. it was an emotional day and business of trying to meet with interim leaders and tell them that the united states will stand with them $1
Mar 5, 2014 10:30am PST
in the paint of ukraine's new leadership. my first day with the cosmo job for which both get somebody from the new british. the somalis to be in the stallion foreign minister talking to eu foreign affairs chief catherine ashton. now the stories here it's he who is calling the shots in a bikini at. and. the other the rise of hardline nationalists former convicts among them is racing for years ukraine to people the power of some very dangerous people in a while additional news agency says the russians had given ukrainian forces until tomorrow morning to surrender parties' out of the propaganda watches me is fueling panic over ukraine's setting the alarm is ringing over russia's full blown intervention of a takeover of the southern region of crimea the will. it might not be out with me in reading chance he will begin with breaking news all week phone call reveals the same snipers were shooting out both for casters and police in kyiv. i design and cost or joins us now live with more on advance the murray and his house where we known this from an who was behind us non person soon they will all
Mar 3, 2014 9:00pm PST
russia and the crisis in ukraine. armed men, what will the president do? >> we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. >> will it be enough to stop vladimir putin? blade runner on trial. did oscar pistorius murder his model girlfriend? or was it a tragic accident? >>> and from one oscar to another. the parties, the highs, the loys, everything you could probably want to know about the oscars, including this extraordinary moment. >> guess what, pizza's here. >> the surprise pizza delivering star of hollywood's biggest night. how was the tip? the pizza man will be here live. >> russia on the move in ukraine. president obama's options. host of cnn's fareed zakaria gps. his book is soviet fate and loss. welcome to both of you. fareed, are we seeing or are we not seeing the beginning of a new cold war? >> it's not really a cold war, piers, because russia is not the superpower it once was. this is a country that is in many ways that tragically diminished what it was, one of the greatest losses of empire in the last 20 years that has happened to
Mar 4, 2014 10:30am PST
that mosque is concerned by neo nationalist gain power in ukraine. and russia's envoy to the un rebuffed criticism of russia's stance on ukraine citing a letter from mouse to present our cottage asking moscow's help to restore warrior. under the influence of western countries that are open to that end in violence including postage if one was the seat for political reasons. this is no rush of water due to increased use of militant forces of the russian federation restore law and order stability and protection of the day. also afghan president as people of ghana stand on end a war that was and they are planning to washington's involvement in this country as the clock ticks toward the u s troop withdrawal. mosque in how you watching rt international with me rated action. a present with us as there's no need to use russian military force in ukraine. he however stressed that mosque is deeply concerned by the rise of neo nationalist groups in the country and get more now on this from the marina costume. marine up quite a detailed statement from the russian president there on the crisis in ukr
Mar 2, 2014 1:00pm PST
intensifies over the crisis in the ukraine. and from here, it is beginning to look personal. >> russian forces take crimea. parliament authorizes a strike on ukraine. >> ukraine retaliates and puts its own armed forces on full combat alert. >> secretary of state john kerry calls it an invasion. >> in the southern port, his army is already in direct conflict with a unit of ukrainian border force. >> president obama spent a tense 90 minutes on the phone with president putin. >> all options are on the table. >> this is a conversation about obama's leadership, pure and simple. >> i think this is an enormous mistake for russia. >> you don't want to provoke putin, but you do want to be strong. >> russia is going to lose. the russian people are going to lose. >> that sochi charm offensive died on the streets. >> the last thing anybody wants is a military option in this kind of a situation. >> i think you're going to find a house that's very cooperative with the administration on this one. >> there are some moves they could make and could make right now. >> i would like to create a democratic noose ar
Mar 2, 2014 3:00am PST
this to reduce the number of victims. >>> russia's parliament has approved military force in ukraine and now ukraine is emassing its protests in response. is russia looking for a war? >>> a powerful storm moving east today dumping heavy snow and rain, millions of you are going to be affected. >>> and it's oscar night. ellen degeneres hosting this year in a steep departure from seth mcfarland but sure to deliver a headline. your "new day" starts now. >>> so glad to have you with us here on this sunday morning. a lot going on already and it's only 6:00 a.m. getting ready for a day. christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. 6:00 out east and 3:00 in the west. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day vaesunday." >>> the breaking news that the ukrainian government has deployed troops across the country as the defense minister says ukraine does not have the military might to resist russia. >> the crisis is becoming more clear here. the u.s. firmly saying it condemns russia's envision and occupation of ukrainian territory. >> violence erupted during a massive
Mar 4, 2014 9:00am PST
ukraine s forces in crimea to surrender by flying the pm local time on tuesday. a newsagency in moscow suggests the ultimatum was back to mind the threat of force russian present bloody we're putin says the use of force in ukraine would be a last resort but that he reserves the right to use all options adding to the good and was speaking to reporters at his official residence in a moscow suburb. he said ukraine's legitimate president victory in a covert officially ask russia to take military action. although eugenia now. whisk this was the new whisk. when you begin to see new moon along osmosis. he used. no when asked about a decision by other members of the gerber bates to suspend preparation for the g eight summit in sochi. he said that western leaders don't need to come if they don't want to the united states is helping diplomacy and the threat of sanctions will help settle the crisis. us president barack obama has refers to statements by nato and a group of seven industrialized countries that strongly condemn russia. he says he'll continue diplomatic efforts but also suggested othe
Al Jazeera America
Mar 4, 2014 5:00am EST
headquarters in do -- doha and i'm lori and they said they did not invade ukraine but invited to step in. standoff with ukraine troops in crimea. a court in egypt banned all hamas activities in the country. a push for independence, we take a look at the historic and cultural relationship between scott land and england as the sides continue to make their case. and racing to be crowned top dog and alaska's biggest horsing event. ♪ and russia has said that it has a legal basis for its intervention in ukraine. it says former president viktor yanukovych asked for russia's help and appears to be no sign that russia intends to pull its troops out of ukraine's crimea region and the international pressure on russia is mounting. u.s. actually john kerry is due to immediate the leaders on tuesday to show support. the u.s. is suspending military exercises and trade talks with russia and says it may consider sanctions. meanwhile an international body that keeps an eye on security in europe is conducting a fact-finding mission in ukraine. there has been a standoff between russia and ukrainian troops
Mar 3, 2014 4:00am EST
central bank delivers a shock rate hike. ukrainian rices intensifies. mobilization, the ukraine readies its army as russian troops tightened their grip on the crimea. meanwhile, western leaders while the pressure on. u.s. secretary of state kerry flies to kiev. good morning everybody. we are live from europe's headquarters here in london. my colleague francine lacqua is off today. we begin with the market reactions to the crisis in the ukraine. investors are selling off russian and western assets on concerns that we are seeing a standoff between russia and the west intensify to a level we have not seen, really, since the end of the cold war. jonathan ferro joins us with the details of the selloff in russia, while caroline hyde takes a closer look at what is happening to european companies and markets. >> russian equities down eight 8.5%.lf percent -- that was for one reason and one reason only, russia's central bank comes out and hikes to seven percent from 5.5%. they say the reason is to prevent inflation risks and ensure financial stability. it does not remove political risk. that is
Mar 3, 2014 6:00pm PST
russian after their invasion of ukraine. >> i think the strong condemnation it received from county countries around the world -- >> the president made the remarks, president obama said he also wants congress to pass an aid package for ukraine. the united nations discussed the situation in ukraine. the outed president of ukraine had asked for russian troops to maintain order. they accused russia of fabricating it. >>> a cross country trip aiming to raise awareness. he is a juggler with the cirque du soliel raising money for people hurt or killed when protesters clashed with police in kiev and he is asking people to sign a flag he will send to ukraine. >> well wishes from american people and send the writing on the flag, send it to the center of kiev. support from america to ukraine. >> he plans to end his trip in front of the white house. he hopes he can get a member of the administration to sign the flag before he sends it to ukraine. >>> dozens of jobs are available and oakland police are trying something new to fill them. the three things they need strengthen the department. >> t
Al Jazeera America
Feb 28, 2014 1:00pm EST
are taking over the capital in ukraine. >> i was forced to leave ukraine under the immediate threat of my life and life of my family. >> he's staying he's still the country's leader. >> hello, in london with more reaction on those fast moving developments in ukraine. >> viktor yanukovich insists he's charge and tell that to the politicians in kiev. we have the analysis on who is running the country and the money bleeding from it. >> ahead, the french president arrives to central african republic. plus... ♪ the 12 years of slaves expected to win big at sunday's oscars and why so much black talent leaving the uk? the region of crimea and reports of flights being turn away. moscow denied the soldiers are russian. here are the two major flash points, men carrying weapons moved into the airport to the northwest of the city and also at the parliament building in the center. we have a report. >> the prorussian block welcome russian troops. by first light on friday they got their wish. at the airport, dozens of men standing guard & their rifles are unloaded. but who were there. the uniforms hav
Mar 5, 2014 11:00am PST
in ukraine. stand by. expected here shortly from the secretary of state, john kerry. in the meantime, newsroom with brianna keilar starts now. >> i'm brianna keilar with baldwin. we just learned that secretary of state john kerry will speak assignment this hour. this is after the meeting with the russian foreign minster. when he starts, we will bring you that live. united nations envoy agreed to lead the region after being threatened by a group of armed men who wanted him in a car. this as a solution to deescalate the growing tension may be happening right now in paris where john kerry just met with russian foreign minster and defense secretary said he is beefing up a training mission and adding an air patrol mission. lawmakers are going tit for tat. that would confiscate assets if they slap sanctions on russia. they could vote on a non-binding sanction resolution. for now the west is more focused on economic aid to the ukraine. promising $15 billion in trade and economic and technical assistance. the u.s. and britain agreed in principal to deploy international observers to ukraine.
Al Jazeera America
Feb 27, 2014 5:00am EST
. >> but we start in ukraine where pro-russian protesters seized government buildings in the crimea region. the ukrainian interior forces and police have been put on alert. wooden barricades have been erected at the entrance to the crimea supreme council. the area surrounding the building has been the scene of violent confrontations. they raised a russian flag as a possible challenge to the new leadership. we are joined live from the crimea. a russian flag flying from government buildings. >> tell us what is happening now? >> that's right. the russian flag flying from the building behind me. about 200 metres away. that's the parliament building you can see over my shoulder. inside armed men, professionals. we don't know who they are, but they are understood to have come in overnight. security was not strong, was not strict, and they are occupying that building. we are hearing that they'll expect a parliamentary session later. it's possible that mps will meet in there despite all that is going on. adding to the mix, police who have cordoned off the area seem incredibly relaxed as if they kn
Feb 28, 2014 3:00pm EST
much, michael gayed. we're going to go live to kiev to bring you the crisis. >> ukraine could be on the verge of tearing itself apart. russia putting pressure on ukraine's new government to act today. ousted leader yanukovych says he is still the nation's president, urging russia to refrain from military intervention. ukraine's acting president said russia is trying to provoke conflict. our bloomberg reporter on the ground in kiev with the latest. it sounds like we could be getting closer and closer to a splitting apart of ukraine. >> i'm not sure i would go that far. i would say that the new acting president has said that russia is trying to provoke them into a conflict. the region that georgia and russia fought a war over. i spoke to one of turchynov's cabinet members and asked him whether he was worried about russian military nearby. >> yes, i am. i am worried about it for sure. the capture of the government in crimea, units in my opinion which were sent from moscow, from russia we see very aggressive methods of carrying out politics towards ukraine. >> with all the tension
Al Jazeera America
Feb 28, 2014 5:00am EST
. >> i love this song. ♪ but first let's go to ukraine and the growing signs there that the semi autonomus ukraine says russian military forces blocked the airport in crimea. armed men have taken control of the international airport in the capitol and they are wearing unmarked uniforms, no insinnias and the airport is functioning normally and it's in the hands of armed men and took control of the building on thursday and they are standing their ground. in kiev, ukraine temporary parliament asked the council to call a session and is summoning security chiefs over the crisis. as for the president, viktor yanukovych he says he is still president and in charge but speculation is increasing about his whereabouts and has been for days and looks like he is in the southern russian city near the border of ukraine and he says he will hold a news conference there in the next few hours. and our correspondence are covering all angles of the story and we are in crimea's capitol and in kiev where they are scrambling to try to contain the crisis and in russia where yanukovych is due to speak and
Mar 5, 2014 4:00pm PST
and now ukraine, it's the bang bang bang bang of the conservative arsenal. just say the words and the peanut gallery explodes, say all four and it levitates with glee. benghazi, benghazi, irs, irs, obamacare, obamacare, ukraine, ukraine. joining me now is the congressman involved here, elijah cummings of maryland. and david corn joins me from mother jones. let's start with the far right's obsession of the irs which erupted into one of the most dramatic scenes you will see in a congressional hearing room. it started with oversight committee chairman representative darrell issa recalling lois lerner to the witness stand after she previously took the fifth. in a hearing last may. she took the fifth again today, but not before issa made a spectacle by berating her. she didn't answer any of the questions. when the ranking member of the committee, our guest elijah cummings, tried to interject, issa literally cut off his microphone and declared the hearing over. >> ladies and gentlemen, seeking the truth is the obligation of this committee. i can see no point in going further. i have
Mar 4, 2014 8:00am PST
>>> breaking his silence, russian president, vladmir putin defends sending troops into ukraine and declares it is humanitarian mission and warns th more force remains an option. >>> the president wants to expand a tax credit for the middle class and the working poor. >>> an emotional testimony at the blade runners trial in south africa. neighbors describes the screams before he shot and killed his girlfriend. >>> hello, everyone. i'm john berman. michaela pereira is off today. with he would like to welcome our viewers here and around the world. we will have those stories and more at this hour. a knew escalation in the crisis in ukraine. reuters news agency is reporting that the russian navy is blocking a channel between crimea and russia. we are waiting for a critical news conference from secretary of state, john kerry are, at the center of the worst crisis since russia and the west. i arrived in kiev just hours ago. one of his first stops in independence square. you can see him at the makeshift memorial being created to honor those killed in the demonstrations on the street. t
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